To compile the NBRC Blockchain code, use the following commands and configure according to your needs.

Requirements for installation: Ubuntu 16.04 operating system, 4 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD storage

Release the doors 8313 and 8314 of your server through your firewall in case of need for public access to be part of the company's network NBRC.

  • Access your server with the root user and perform the following procedures
  • Copying the code
    • Access the nbrc folder “cd nbrc” to check the code
    • Create a new folder called “build” inside the “nbrc” folder by running the following commands and compile the code.
      • mkdir build
      • cd build
      • cmake ..
      • make
  • Starting and integrating the node into the NBRC network
    • After code compilation is complete in the folder build, run the following command to start the node and integrate it into the network;
      • build/src/./niobiod –restricted-rpc –enable-cors=* –enable-blockchain-indexes –rpc-bind-ip= –fee-address=N000011111111111111111222
        • Change the value of “–fee-address” with the address of your wallet that you want to receive fees in case of using your node with a public transaction validator on the NBRC network.